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Indian Spice Supplies

About Us

About Mahesh

I came to Finland as a professional squash athlete to coach the Finnish National Squash Team in Helsinki. I was working for the squash federation as a sparing player with the aim of improving the level of squash in Finland. Currently, I am the National Coach for the Men’s Team at the Federation. I also compete on the PSA World Tour and represent India on global platforms like Asian Games, and Commonwealth Games. With my humble beginnings, I have steadily improved upon a career-high ranking of 44 in the world. Along with being a full-time pro athlete, I am studying at HAMK University of Business School and Entrepreneurship, where I will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in International Business by the summer of 2023. While being in Finland I also met my wife through squash connections, and now I am a permanent resident of Helsinki.

When I came to Finland in 2019, I was disappointed to see how different Indian food tasted compared to what it originally represented. When I tried one of the meals in the Nepalese/Indian restaurant I found the taste quite bland and spice-less. I said to myself “This is not Indian food”!


With my childhood dream to start my own company, I thought I could provide better-tasting, premium quality, sustainably sourced spice blends that can be used to flavor food dishes. I started to look into the spice industry and found tremendous scope for Indian spices to be sold in Finland. That’s when I got the idea of Indian Spice Supplies. 

We all know spices have a long history, particularly in India, where they are a piece of life and legacy. In each home and in each region, various spices and mixes are utilized to make unique and unmistakable preferences for dishes. Decades ago, house cooks use to pound their spices physically at home and make their own mixes to add flavor to their cooking. To make this process less arduous for housemaids (chefs), I have partnered with premium spice brand “Kitchen Grocery” a product of Raj Shaury Spices Pvt. Ltd. based Mumbai, to sell authentic and aromatic Indian spices in Finland. 

Kitchen Grocery

Kitchen Grocery

An essential branch of Bagadia Group Of Companies, Raj Shaury Spices Pvt. Ltd. is one stop for all your kitchen grocery needs. Right from grains, pulses, spices, herbs and masala blends and seasonings you name it we got it all. Right from farms to our manufacturing and processing units to your kitchen. We are wholesalers, retailers with export license to supply in Asia, Middle East, Europe and the United States. 


We clean our products according to industry standards without harming the nutrient (and health) content (factor) of the food. Our products are available in all kinds of packaging like vacuum packs, air-tight pet containers, various small and large bottles, and also offer customised packaging for premium customers and businesses.


Food is something that travels places with people. A dish worth giving a feeling of nostalgia comes from the spices that give a unique aroma and taste to the food. Food is the only visual art in the world where a person can smell, see, taste, feel and eat/savor with all their five senses. And masalas, spices and herbs are the magic ingredients that accentuates those senses. 

We maintain authenticity in processing our masala mixes, spices and herbs. As quoted by our many customers “our masalas truly add a unique flavor and aroma to their everyday dishes”. We are very proud to deliver our products and we guarantee our customers their permanent association with us. We guarantee once they try our products they will always return for more.

Licenses: "Kitchen Grocery" is certified under –




  • ISO 9001:2008

  • FDA

  • FIEO Member

Distribution of Other Businesses

Additionally, we also deal in sports clothing and sports equipments. Currently we have large production capacity in manufacturing high-performance sports apparel clothing. 

UYP Apparel Clothing

Our clothing brand is called UYP, which targets customised clothing for individuals and teams. The product is made up of micro knitted yarn to rapidly absorb the moisture and sweat on skin surface and exterior to evaporate. Essentially, it can effectively regulate body temperature and keep body surfaces dry and cool. Our export capacity reaches up to 1 ton per month. Currently we are exporting to Gulf countries, and we wish to expand our distribution in Europe and USA. 

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