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Biryani Masala - For Authentic Rice Dishes

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Everyone loves a biryani - which is why Biryani Masala is one of our top sellers. There's something so special about the aroma of a biryani when it comes out of the oven. Whether you make yours with lamb, chicken, or vegetables, you'll love the finishing touch provided by our real Indian spices.
What's in it?
This is a classic Biryani blend, developed to bring you an authentic (and, for some of us, nostalgic) taste. It features freshly-ground Cassia, Coriander, Cumin and Cinnamon, with no artificial colours or flavours. Open the box for a burst of deep, rich aroma!
Where does it come from?
Our spices are grown in the lush farms of India, then processed at our contactless plant in Mumbai. They're carefully blended to bring out the best in your cooking.
How can you use it?
Add it to your favourite rice or Biryani recipe. But don't be too generous: our concentrated spice blends can be used at around 50% of what your recipe recommends.


"• ALL NATURAL - No artificial flavours, colours, MSG, preservatives or other flavour enhancers.
• PREPARED IN INDIA - Processed in our contactless unit in Mumbai.
• CONCENTRATED FLAVOUR - Add authentic flair to your dish with our pure spices. You'll find you can usually use less than your recipe suggests.
• OPTIMUM PURITY - Our spices have 98-99% purity and 8-10% moisture content."

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