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Coriander Powder

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The fragrant seeds of Coriander add excellent flavour to Indian food. But if you don't like getting them in your teeth, you need the convenience of Ground Coriander! Sourced and packed in India, ours brings authentic flavour to your kitchen.
What's in it?
We don't use artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, which makes our pure spices stronger than some brands. You won't need to use much of our Ground Coriander to enjoy its bright and earthy taste.
Where does it come from?
Our Coriander is grown on farms in India, then processed at our contact-free unit in Mumbai.
How can you use it?
Coriander is an essential ingredient for many Indian dishes, bringing a special citrus flavour. Use it in your chutneys, pakoras, biryanis, and more. If you love Indian food, this is a cupboard essential.


"• ALL NATURAL - No artificial flavours, colours, MSG, preservatives or other flavour enhancers.
• PREPARED IN INDIA - Processed in our contactless unit in Mumbai.
• CONCENTRATED FLAVOUR - Add authentic flair to your dish with our pure spices. You'll find you can usually use less than your recipe suggests.
• OPTIMUM PURITY - Our spices have 98-99% purity and 8-10% moisture content."

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