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Green Cardamom Powder - Elachai - Vacuum Pack (Airtight Bottle)

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"If you love Indian cooking, you'll already know that Cardamom is indispensable for sweet as well as savoury dishes. Choose this ground Cardamom to add its delicate, exotic flavour to your Kulfi or Pilau. You'll love the fresh taste - and you can keep it tasting that way using the airtight lid on this bottle.
What's in it?
Nothing but pure, fresh Cardamom - grown on farms in Kerala, in southern India, and prepared at our unit in Mumbai. If you don't want to find the whole Cardamom pods in your finished dishes, choose this ready-ground version.
Where does it come from?
With its hilly land and lush climate, Kerala is the perfect setting to nurture Cardamom. It's home to the biggest Cardamom market in the world!
How can you use it?
Cardamom is a delicate flavour which is important for many rice dishes, but can also be infused in milk or baked goods - have you ever tried a Cardamom cookie?"


• ALL NATURAL - No artificial flavours, colours, MSG, preservatives or other flavour enhancers.
• PREPARED IN INDIA - Processed in our contactless unit in Mumbai.
• CONCENTRATED FLAVOUR - Add authentic flair to your dish with our pure spices. You'll find you can usually use less than your recipe suggests.
• OPTIMUM PURITY - Our spices have 98-99% purity and 8-10% moisture content."

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