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Sri Lanka Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks - Vacuum Pack (Airtight Bottle)

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The Ancient Greeks believed that Cinnamon sticks came from the nest of the Cinnamologus - a gigantic bird invented by Arab traders in order to hide the origin of their spices! Now the secret is out. Cinnamon is actually the peeled bark of a tree - and the very best comes from Sri Lanka.
What's in it?
Customers return again and again for our exceptional Cinnamon sticks. They're fragrant and characterful, with a deliciously cosy aroma.
Where does it come from?
Cinnamon is still harvested in a traditional manner, and grows abundantly in Sri Lanka. These sticks are processed and packaged at the Kitchen Grocery HQ in Mumbai before being delivered to hoteliers, chefs and cooks all over the world.
How can you use it?
Add to dishes according to the recipe: you may find you don't need as much of our pure spices. Cinnamon brings a delicious aroma to rice dishes and it's great in sweet things too: try stirring your cocoa with a cinnamon stick.


"• ALL NATURAL - No artificial flavours, colours, MSG, preservatives or other flavour enhancers.
• PREPARED IN INDIA - Processed in our contactless unit in Mumbai.
• CONCENTRATED FLAVOUR - Add authentic flair to your dish with our pure spices. You'll find you can usually use less than your recipe suggests.
• OPTIMUM PURITY - Our spices have 98-99% purity and 8-10% moisture content."

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