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Whole Clove - Vacuum Pack (Airtight Bottle)

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Add the subtle kick of Clove to your Indian cookery. Used all over the world, dried cloves are important in many signature recipes. For the best results, choose a product bottled close to the source. Ours are produced and packaged in India before being shipped to cooks and chefs all over the world!
What's in it?
Pure Cloves (flower buds) are dried and packed in a convenient airtight bottle. Cloves are renowned for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and they've been used in Indian cooking for centuries. They were highly valued in the ancient spice trade.
Where does it come from?
Our network of local producers enables us to source, clean and pack these Indian Cloves at our 11,000 sq. foot warehouse in Mumbai.
How can you use it?
Whole cloves are ideal for adding to oil at the start of cooking, where they'll flavour the whole dish. In Western cuisine they're also used to flavour milk for sauces, or to decorate a whole joint of meat. You might want to take them out (like bay leaves) before serving.


"• ALL NATURAL - No artificial flavours, colours, MSG, preservatives or other flavour enhancers.
• PREPARED IN INDIA - Processed in our contactless unit in Mumbai.
• CONCENTRATED FLAVOUR - Add authentic flair to your dish with our pure spices. You'll find you can usually use less than your recipe suggests.
• OPTIMUM PURITY - Our spices have 98-99% purity and 8-10% moisture content."

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